Monday, September 8, 2014

you know you were at an epic wedding when...

you wake up the next day with only two pictures on your phone, because you were too busy dancing and taking shots of fireball and twirling parasols and singing karaoke and spilling wine on everything and eating tacos from a taco truck at midnight to take pictures.

so yeah. i guess i could describe the beauty of the bride, the venue, their love for each other, etc. but really, all there is to know is that it was all perfect and we had too much fun. literally too much.

yes, apparently, i crave candy corn when i'm hungover. tried to balance it out with a 'juice' but to no avail.

i'm still recovering.

hey, it's my last week of my twenties, i'm going out with a bang! back to la tonight - which means its our first time returning as residents. still feels surreal to be up here in seattle and not be flying home to JFK. but i missed our palm trees, so i'm excited to get home!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a very beachy labor day weekend

well, that was a successful weekend! we spent both saturday and monday lounging at the beach and taking full advantage of the sun and the sand. our plan was to go to malibu, but as we were driving through santa monica, we got impatient, found parking and set ourselves up right in front of the waves for the whole day. it is SO much easier to get to the beach now than it was in NYC... no more renting zip cars and sitting for 3 hours on the long island expressway. we made it there in under 30 minutes both days! yes please. 

apart from beaching it up, we ran errands on sunday, and then last night, i went to a yoga class and practiced right next to zach gilford and his wife (he plays matt saracen on friday night lights!!). they were both adorable, and we even chatted after class. i know, it was so la. 

i know summer is supposed to be 'over', but i feel like ours is just beginning! definitely the first of many weekends spent lounging on the sand. how was your long weekend?

check out our sweet set-up... purchased everything at a sports authority on our way that morning. um, yeah, we're going to step up our gear game, don't worry. #stripesonstripesonstripes

there were dolphins frolicking right about where waves were breaking, and blake boogie boarded out there super close! it was so beautiful and surreal to see them, though i could have used a few more flips and tricks. they seemed kind of lazy. 

he is officially the worst selfie-taking partner ever. honestly.