About Me

oh hey there! my name's meghan.

i was born and raised an army brat and lived all around the world before heading to nyc for college. after 12 years in the city that never sleeps, my boyfriend (an aspiring comedy writer) and i just moved to los angeles and i'm mostly wondering why i haven't been living here all along. it's kind of the best.

i'm a runner and yogi by morning, a do-gooder by day, and a gluten and dairy-free cook by night.

why coconuts and stripes? well, i have a bordering-on-unhealthy affinity for stripes and rely heavily on all things coconut in the kitchen. 

i'm a nutrition geek who loves the beach and cheesy romantic comedies.

i won't eat eggplant and my least favorite place on earth is an ikea cafeteria.

i should own stock in whole foods, lululemon, and j.crew, and if i'm not doing a handstand, i'm usually sipping on either a green juice or red wine. 

i had a pixie-cut before jennifer lawrence, but have been growing out my hair for a change of pace. i've run three half-marathons, one full, and i've signed up to run the austin marathon again next february. ack.

i'll usually order the burger and sweet potato fries, and i will always stop to pet dogs that i see.

thanks for following along!

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