Thursday, August 14, 2014

last week at the gorge

before i share some pics of the amazing concert we went to last week, can i ask you to send some good vibes to some of our best friends who just gave birth to their son at 30 weeks? he's in the NICU and to make it more complicated, they were visiting DC from NYC when she went into labor, so they're stuck away from home for at least a month while he gets stronger. i'm really proud of the way our group of friends sprung into action to send love and support, but if anyone has ideas on how we can best take care of them during the next few weeks, i'm all ears! and of course, sending some get strong thoughts to sweet owen would be amazing. thank you!

so last friday after we packed up in seattle, our first stop en route to california was at the gorge, this incredible concert venue in eastern washington that overlooks the columbia river. it's so beautiful on its own, the concert itself is almost an afterthought. we saw arcade fire (SO GOOD) and the people-watching was probably the other highlight outside of all that nature. some very... um, special people made the trek out to the middle of nowhere - obviously, we are totally normal and don't fall into that category. right? right. anyways, i was on a sunset picture taking tear. kind of hard not to be, i mean look at that view. oh, and of course, arcade fire was totally amazing and i'd highly recommend catching them live if you can!

serious concert selfie
totally normal, just like i said. right?
just a bunch of normal matching french shoes. because we're normal.

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