Friday, August 8, 2014

so long, seattle. next stop: california.

well, today another chapter of our epic summer adventure comes to an end. remember when we lived in nyc? yeah, me neither. that was approximately seven million years ago at this point. anyways, we've been spoiled rotten in seattle both by the weather and by blake's parents, but our three weeks here have totally flown by! i could happily stay another month, but it's time for us to pack up and keep on moving. and by pack up, of course i mean throw all of our clothes in the trunk of the car because i'm sick of packing suitcases. might even use a garbage bag or two, that's how classy our travel has become!

tonight, we're headed to see arcade fire at the gorge, which i am so excited about, and then tomorrow, we head out from eastern washington down to sacramento, where our next pit stop is at my dad's house until the 15th. anybody have a good road trip playlist that lasts, oh, i don't know, 12 hours or so? i predict an epic battle for control of spotify tomorrow.

i'll leave you with one final amazing seattle sunset seen from the deck last night, as i've got some clothes to put in trash bags. see ya in california!