Monday, August 11, 2014

look where we are!

yes, blake is actually excited. he just chooses not to show it, apparently.
we made it! well, almost. we are officially in california! we're staying in sacramento with my dad for the next few days, and then finally (FINALLY!) heading to la on friday afternoon. it was so exciting to cross that state line, and totally surreal after our summer of bopping all around the planet.

all packed and ready to hit the road! 
my view for much of the day. 
mt. shasta in northern california
selfie payback for blake not smiling in our state line picture.
our weekend was jam-packed, with an arcade fire concert at the gorge friday night (more to come on that), a 14 hour drive from eastern washington on saturday, and then on sunday *drum roll please* we got a car!!

cr-v, i love you.
yes that's right, we officially have a set of wheels to call our own, and it's the very first time in my life that i've had one. i'm not gonna lie, it feels awesome. i can just hop in and go anywhere i want, anytime i want! pure luxury.

ah yes, it's all coming together. los angeles: are you ready for us?


  1. The drive looks like it was stunning! Glad you made it to California safe and sound! :)

  2. congratulations on getting a car