Tuesday, June 10, 2014

europe: one week in

so we've officially been on the road for one week today, and have checked london and two places in germany off our list. right now, we're in heidelberg, which is where i went to high school, and it's been so fun to walk down memory lane here! we are packing up this morning and heading to the train  station - next on our list, paris! can't wait to get there. i fully intend on doing more in-depth recap posts for each of our stops, but with spotty internet and temperatures in the 90s (while staying in an air conditioner-less apartment), my heart and attention span just aren't in it quite yet. for now, a few pics to tide us over.

(note how we've really upped our selfie game from london to heidelberg. i think we'll really crush some paris selfies...)

trafalgar square

the few minutes of sun we had in london

big ben!

blake's first german summer beer

the castle in heidelberg (where i had my prom!)

did you see the castle? it's right there.

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