Sunday, June 29, 2014

feeling a little homesick...

i've been missing nyc like crazy the last few days. yes, we're in this beautiful french village, and yes, we're on this amazing adventure and i cannot WAIT to get to la, but it feels like we're kind of in this purgatory here.

this weekend, all i wanted to do was go back to our routine when we lived in new york. wake up in our apartment, go to yoga or for a run in the park, enjoy a long, leisurely brunch, walk around, go grocery shopping at whole foods, meet friends for a drink or dinner... i'm just missing normal, little things. things like:

sunsets in central park, looking at the west side.

drinking rosé on our balcony across from this weirdo.

actually, everything about central park.

the bk bridge.

crazy afternoon thunderstorms in the summertime.

working from home aka the balcony office.


the skyline at night.

and our last view of the city from newark airport a few weeks ago.

ok. pity party over. here's to enjoying the next three weeks of this once in a lifetime opportunity and not comparing it to life before or life afterwards. it's not nyc, and it's not la, but it's exactly where we are and where we need to be. now if you'll excuse me, i have some fresh macarons waiting to be eaten and some cheap, amazing wine waiting to be sipped on during the world cup tonight. life really ain't so bad. 

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