Monday, June 23, 2014

our weekend was: the tourist edition

happy monday! all of the days are starting to blend together a little bit here, as the only thing that really distinguishes the weekend is that i'm NOT at my computer in the afternoon and evening to work. this was our first weekend here on our own, and here's what we got up to:

did a little sightseeing in the neighborhood. no biggie.

we had a tres french soccer experience, cheering 'les bleus' down in the village (they won!!), while drinking some local burgundy wine (duh) and eating creme brûlée with the world's longest spoon. case in point:

blake's parents came to visit! after spending a week in paris, we picked them up at the train station near our village on saturday afternoon. it's great having them around. we got up to a very competitive game of croquet in the back yard last night. i sense a rematch sometime this week...

we drove to a little medieval town called flavigny which is where they filmed the movie chocolat (remember that one?), and walked around saying, "oh my godddd this is so cuteeeeeee" over and over again. it really was friggin adorable. i am OBSESSED with this car.

i continued my handstands around the world tour at this medieval abbey (!!!).

we took long walks in this magical forest with sweet dylan.

and on the longest day of the year, there was a huge party down in the village with music and concerts on every corner, so we sat outside at a restaurant in the shadow of a 12th century church to have dinner and listen to a local french band cover pink floyd. that is 100% true, i swear.

we've had a long stretch of beautiful, sunny days, but it's looking like some rain today. now that we're in charge of the garden, i find myself rooting for it, so it's a relief to see these clouds rolling in.

how was your weekend?

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