Sunday, June 22, 2014

guess what i did...

this was me at about 11:45am on sunday, february 16th, 2014 in austin, texas.

about ten minutes prior to that photo being taken, i had just crossed the finish line of my first marathon. and about 30 seconds after that photo was taken, i said, "nope. never again."

realness: at mile 20 (yes, the wall IS real), i hobbled to a portapotty, sat down on it for 10 minutes, and cried while i called blake. i really, honestly, didn't think i could finish. SIX MORE MILES?? are you kidding me? that was a whole hour more of running. well, at that point, everything hurt, and i was run/walking (and moan/crying). in a story we will tell our grandchildren, still on a seahawks super bowl winning high, blake told me to hustle like russell (wilson). yes, russell wilson, the quarterback for the seattle seahawks, who was chosen in like the 8 millionth round of the draft and then went on to win blah de blah blah. but hilariously, it worked. i DID hustle like russell. or at least i tried. and i crossed that damn finish line. and i got my medal and i got my t-shirt. and i vowed that i was one and done. nope. no more. i'll stick to half-marathons, thankyouverymuch.

but guess what i just did.

i just signed up to run it again in 2015. 

glutton for pain? maybe. perfectionist? absolutely. 

you see, all i could think about after the race was, "i wonder how i could train better/faster/harder and beat my time..."

and here we are. about 8 months out, and i've been on a running break for about a month at this point. i guess it's time to lace up and start pounding out those miles. i WILL beat my time. 

the best part is that this time around, i don't need to worry about doing 16, 18, and 20 miles in the snow, which was the story of my training during the winter from hell. it started snowing in october and didn't end until april. there were lots of faces like this made when i would wake up to run in the morning and there was snow. 

hooray for endless summers and lots of great training days ahead in LA!

yes, it's nuts. but here we go... austin, i'm coming for you!

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