Friday, June 27, 2014

five on friday: bbq season

of all the little luxuries that come from not living in a 500 square foot box in the sky, having a backyard with a grill is pretty high on the list. we've been using ours here just about every night, and it's the easiest way in the world to make dinner. chop some veggies, marinate some meat, throw it all together, et voila! leaves a lot more time for wine-sipping and garden-watering... you know, the finer things in life. linking up with lauren for high five for friday, here are five go-tos that we've loved making!

1. lemon chicken

this recipe was a mainstay back in nyc just on the stovetop, but it easily translates to the grill. the marinade keeps the chicken so juicy and it's really bright and fresh.

2. skirt steak with chimichurri

i'd like to have a gallon of this sauce in the fridge to put on everything forever and ever. it is amazing on scrambled eggs and just about anything else you can think of. oh, and skirt steak of course. we've figured out how to order skirt steak at the butcher now (after a few false starts), so this will be on the menu many evenings to come.

3. apricot mustard grilled pork tenderloin

ok, there are literally three ingredients to this recipe and it is DELISH. one modification i made was using a spice rub on the tenderloin (this one worked great), just to add a little extra oomph. highly recommend making this one asap! we had it with grilled zucchini, peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

4. grilled green beans

or, shall we say, haricots vert? i'm loving that french green beans which are $10 a pound in the states are cheap and plentiful here. we've been eating a ton of them! this is my new favorite way to fix them - the shallots and the garlic really add a nice kick, especially with a little bit of char from the bbq.

5. grilled sweet potatoes

i love sweet potatoes in just about any and every form ever, and this are super quick and easy. oh, and yummy too.

i'm in the market for any other good recipes you might have up your sleeve, so please share!

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