Friday, May 23, 2014

five on friday: new kicks, new jams, and a three day weekend

1. the dog stars

ok, i swear i didn't buy this book thinking it was about dog rock stars. though everyone i've mentioned it to has thought that was the plot (someone write that book immediately, please). but holy crap. this book sucker-punched me in the gut. i gasped out loud on the subway so many times, and literally had to close it because my heart was racing during some of the scenes. it's intense, and the author's style takes a little getting used to, but stick with it. major pay-off at the end.

mmm. i love fudge and have amazing memories of making it with my sweet grandpa when i was growing up. but all the butter and sugar no longer agree with me, so check out this ridiculously easy recipe with coconut oil and almond butter. great for a quick and simple chocolate fix. and pretty much healthy too!!

(image via practical paleo)

i splurged on a comfy and chic pair of sandals to traipse around europe in, and so far, they're totally worth it! it's surprising how much more comfortable they are than the $15 pair from urban outfitters that i wore into the ground. hmm.

4. this jam

because obviously.


because obviously.

have an amazing one!!


  1. I really, really like those sandals! I need to invest in a good pair...the cheap ones I usually buy never hold up.

    1. yes!! highly recommend these. they're super padded and so comfy to walk around in.