Wednesday, May 7, 2014

wish list: j.crew new arrivals

nothing like some new arrivals from j.crew to get through the mid-week hump! well, that and the fact that it's sunny and beautiful outside sure doesn't hurt.

since my days in LA will be pretty different from my days in NYC, i have to keep that in mind when i buy new clothes. first of all, i'll be working remotely, which means yoga pants and shorts all day e'ry day, and office-appropriate clothing will only collect dust in the closet. also, have i mentioned the weather in LA? apparently, it's delightful. and yes, that is a thought that has kept me going since the middle of this god-awful winter we're finally done with. so let's see... year-round summer + super casual days = these new pieces!

(can't stop, won't stop with the stripes. help.)

(i'll wear this in france and fit right in! right?)

(these are sweatpants. that look like real pants. how has no one thought of this before??)

(i guess it sometimes cools down at night. some sleeves to keep warm on the beach in the evenings!)

(have i mentioned how i plan to become a surfer? i'll definitely need a top like this. once i learn to surf, that is. minor details.)

do you have your eyes on any of their new arrivals?

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