Wednesday, May 21, 2014

keep it/switch it ("dining room")

now that you've seen the living room and the bedroom, here's the final "room". oh the joys of nyc real estate... to call this area a dining room is a stretch, but it still deserves some love! it's actually so small that we tried to put a 5x8 rug underneath the table to separate the space a little bit, and the rug was too big. oh well. anyways, here's our dining "area"? is that more accurate?

keep it
  • check out that custom lighting set-up! our apartment was woefully devoid of any built-in lights, so blake and his dad put together this awesome DIY chandelier from scratch. the lights are attached to pulleys, so you can change up the height of each one. we love it, and of course, so does the new tenant in our apartment. being the exceptionally kind people we are, we're leaving it behind for her. maybe our next place will have an actual lamp or two, but i do love the idea of recreating it!
  • we got the mirror at this awesome flea market in virginia, while visiting a friend's hometown. it was quite the trek to get it home, but worth it, since it has just the right amount of aging and character to it. it also does wonders in terms of making the space feel a little bigger. 
switch it
  • see the back of the couch there right up against the chairs? yeah. a little more room would not be turned down.

keep it
  • our table!!!! swoon. our prized piece of furniture. we got it custom made from this guy on etsy, and it's all reclaimed wood from brooklyn. it is the best. honestly, it's the only reason that we're not just selling all of our stuff and starting fresh in LA. we had to bring the table with us, and i hope we have it for many years to come.
  • the chairs are from restoration hardware and perfectly match the hairpin legs on the table. it's all just such a delight. 
switch it
  • nope. none of it. keeping it all. sorry, you can't have the table or chairs. 

one more angle. love having the pass-through from the kitchen to the table, and it's always fun to have a pop of le creuset color. ugh, what kind of yuppie sentence is that? sorry. 

well, that's our sweet little apartment! about to be dismantled and packed up and mostly recreated 3,000 miles from here. pretty sure i'll miss it. a lot.

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