Monday, May 19, 2014

our weekend was: the sunshine edition

i don't know about you, but i'm continually thrilled and surprised when i wake up and it's still spring! this winter really scarred me. we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent almost all weekend outside! if this is what life is like when the weather is always a delight, then i think LA and i are going to be just fine.

we walked from our apartment on the UES all the way down to the west village, and then treated ourselves and our blistered toes to some chips and guac, and some icy cold rose at el toro blanco. we sat outside and caught the last of the sun, and the food was so so good! highly recommended.

my friend, her husband and their awesome 14 month old recently moved out to bay ridge, which is pretty much the furthest south you can live in brooklyn and still be accessible via subway. we wanted to see them before the big move, so we made the 90 minute trek for a late afternoon brunch. you know how some kids are just kind of meh, but you have to fawn over them to make their parents feel better? their kid is literally the coolest. he's so funny and full of personality. we had such a great time, and it made the trip totally worth it. since we were already out in BK, we then hit up a friend's birthday party at this great outdoor bar called hot bird, where you can bring in your own food, and luckily, it happens to be next door to a BBQ joint. nothing like some pulled pork to top off a sunday evening.

just realizing i did such a great job taking pictures, didn't i? oh well.

two weeks from today, we're hopping on a plane to start a new adventure!! hey, time, go ahead and slow down a bit please...

how was your weekend?

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