Thursday, May 15, 2014

keep it/switch it (bedroom!)

ah yes, the only other room in our itty bitty NYC abode! what do i want to recreate in our new LA apartment? to be honest, our bedroom has been the victim of some overzealous "pinspiration" on my part (that's a real diagnosis, btw) before landing on how it looks today. and i do really love it in this current iteration. but first, a little throwback thursday action:

oh yeah! the stripes! i've never felt more accomplished in my life than i did after we finished painting these stripes one sunday afternoon. i was determined to have a striped wall in this apartment, and they had to be navy blue. no room for negotiation. and they turned out SO WELL! i mean look at that wall. but. the issue is, what do you do with the rest of the room when on wall is striped? we kept the rest white, and that combined with the white sheets was just too boring for me. i'd lay in bed and all i could see was plain white. and that grew really old really fast. but then what's next after you paint navy blue stripes on a wall?

we went straight up navy blue, and i absolutely love it. the room is small, and the dark color makes it feel oh so cozy. plus it gives us more to work with when it comes to fun, patterned duvet covers (hello more stripes!) and overall, makes the room feel more put together. here's what i'd like to keep and switch in our new abode:

keep it
  • i will absolutely be on the navy blue train again. i am so all about the coziness factor. 
  • our headboard is one of my favorite things that makes the room feel like a real grown-up bedroom.
  • ironically, those photographs are of santa monica, which we chose long before we decided to move out west! they're so fun and beachy, and i love looking at the ocean right before going to sleep.
  • in more boring adult things i never pictured myself saying, i absolutely love our mattress. yes, it's from ikea, however it's like memory foam but BETTER. i can't bring myself to type any more about a mattress, i'm bored already. sorry about that.
switch it
  • our nightstands are actually ottomans from west elm that are useful because of the storage, but i'd love to get something like these from CB2, and then do some fun styling with actual matching lamps. 
  • speaking of lamps, we've really got to up our lamp game next time.
  • our sheets are really nice, but getting a new duvet cover is such a fun and easy way to switch things up! pretty much anything from west elm is good to go in my book. 

keep it
  • on the wall across from the bed is this fun instagram display! credit to the waspy redhead, who posted this awesome instructional post and provided the inspiration. i'd definitely reinstall this in our new place, it's a really easy way to add some color and cool pics from our ever-expanding instagram libraries. 
switch it
  • originally, our idea was to rotate pics in and out of here, but we never got around to it and have looked at the same pics for six months. i'd love to order more on a regular basis to keep it fresh!
the room is so small, it's hard to get pics of everything, but we also have sad little ikea dresser on its last legs in the closet, so a new dresser is on the list of furniture buys. and it would be great to have a room that's big enough for a chair or a bench at the foot of the bed! a girl can dream. 

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