Monday, May 5, 2014

our weekend was: the beygency edition

from 10am to 5pm today, we did nothing but purge crap from closets, dressers, shelves, and anywhere else it was hiding. with the movers arriving in just under a month, it was a very good use of our time. we donated about 6 garbage bags worth of clothes, shoes, and stuff to goodwill (including some snow boots and heavy coats... see ya later winter! on to year-round summer!), and threw out probably another dozen bags of who knows what. pretty amazing to see how much stuff just piles up around you. it was very satisfying, and i highly recommend it, moving or not!

blake had a class show for his level 3 sketch comedy class on saturday night. there were 7 people in the class and they all wrote and acted in 11 sketches, most of which were pretty hilarious. i'm so proud of him, and considering our whole plan in LA is for him to chase his comedy writing dream, it's always so fun to know how good he actually is (otherwise, it sure wouldn't be as easy to uproot everything in pursuit of it!).

the beards were hands-down best part of this sketch.

we finished up with a family sunday suppa with our best buds out in brooklyn. the last few weeks, we've been trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with our people here, and we had so much fun eating homemade indian food and drinking wine to cap off the weekend. only four more sundays in nyc, which is pretty hard to believe.

this week...
heading down to DC for a few meetings, then blake's parents are visiting from seattle from thursday to tuesday, so we'll have a jam-packed weekend! always fun to have them around.

finally, please tell me you saw the beygency on SNL this weekend. if not, stop what you're doing and watch immediately. that is all. #bowdown

how was your weekend?

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