Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a new month, new goals

holy crap. how is it july today? how has it been a whole month since we left nyc? so insane. to start things off right, i'm setting some goals and writing them down here so that i HAVE to achieve them because that's how goals work. here's what i'm committing to this month:

being present: this is the most challenging of the list. there are so many big life changes for us in the next few months, that it's really hard to focus on today and enjoy each day for what it is. i'm going to make a concerted effort to not spend all day googling restaurants and yoga studios in la, or apartment-hunting, or google earth stalking different neighborhoods (yes this is a thing). instead, i'm savoring this time we have to ourselves, in france, before the craziness starts. this one will be hard but is the most important to me. 

running: i have two running-related goals this month. it's been about 30 days since i last laced up, my longest break since i started running two or three years ago. yes, we were on vacation, and bopping around europe, and getting settled here in semur, but i don't really have any excuse to not be running any more. a great motivator? i'm going to sign myself up for a race later this fall in la! once i put that money down and have a date to train for, it's much easier to find that motivation in the morning. and i know i feel a million times better when i take that time to get the blood flowing.

sugar dragon: oh man, oh man. to borrow a whole30 phrase, i am really battling my sugar dragon here. after doing two whole30s in the past 10 months, my eating habits had really changed. i already knew dairy and gluten were my nemeses, but since last august, we'd also cut out all grains, all sugar, all soy, and cut way back on alcohol. lo and behold, here we are in july and i'm sneaking dessert with every meal and having a glass or two of wine every night. it's obviously not crazy, but i just know i feel better when i eat less junk. part of me says, hey, we're in france, it's ok to indulge! but then the other part is seriously craving the magical tiger-blood phase of a whole30. compromise? cutting back on sugar. maybe just one macaron a day instead of five. or ten. and a whole30 in october.

saving cash money: to be totally honest, spending six weeks in europe was the best financial decision we've ever made. do you know how much more money is in your bank account when you're not paying manhattan rents? it's crazy! having some extra cash floating around is tempting me to take advantage of summer j.crew sales, but instead, we're trying to sock away as much as possible for all the fun expenses that await us in la in august. things like a car (?!?!), an apartment deposit, new furniture, etc. so here's to living frugally in a place where to be honest, we couldn't really even spend money if we tried. except on wine and macarons (see goal above).

so that's what i'm tackling in the next... (thirty days have september, april, june, and november, all the rest have 31 ...) 31 days!

what's on your list to accomplish this month?

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  1. Thanks so much for joining our link up!! So fun that you're in France for the France vs Germany game- hard to decide who to root for in your case! That dog looks like he's living the life for sure. Good luck with the car buying game- do a lot of research before you go to the dealership.