Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the big 3-0!

just 67 days until i come to the end of my twenties. i'm pretty much the last person in my group of friends to make it to that milestone birthday, and i can't say i have much anxiety about it. bring it on, new decade! my twenties certainly saw a LOT of action, and if i told 20 year old meghan what the decade in front of her held, i doubt she would have believed me. but being older and wiser is never a bad thing, and i'm so excited about what i'll look back on in another ten years.

to celebrate, blake and i just booked a weekend getaway in my favorite vacation spot, palm springs. yes, i am actually a ninety year old woman masquerading as an almost-30 year old. we've been twice before and when we first decided to move to la, being closer to palm springs was definitely high up on the list of 'pros'.
just like our last two trips, we'll be staying at the ace, aka one of my favorite places on earth. laying out by the pool in the sun with a drink in one hand, my kindle in the other, blake next to me, and palm trees in the distance sounds pretty much perfect. i can't wait!

happy almost birthday to me, indeed!

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