Thursday, July 24, 2014

thoughts on thursday: dads, striped flowers, and barre

another thursday, another look at what's floating around in my brain! most of the beginning of this week was spent fighting through the haze of jet lag and working to stay up past 8pm, but i think we're past the worst of it. on to some random thoughts, as hosted by nat and annie as usual! go check out their blogs, they are super cute.

you know who's great? dads. let me brag on mine for a minute here. he lives down near sacramento, and drove up to seattle on tuesday to drop off his car so we could use it to drive down to california in a few weeks, which will save us a couple hundred bucks on plane tickets. then wednesday morning, we dropped him off at the train station, where he hopped on a 20 hour train back to sacramento. i mean, really. dads. just the best. we also had a blast introducing him to blake's parents for the first time. we BBQed out on the deck, drank way too much wine, watched the sunset, and laughed a lot. it was amazing. hooray dads!

flowers. that are striped. striped flowers. 
just look at these!! they're on blake's parents' deck and i am obsessed. i have never seen striped flowers! and we all know how i feel about stripes. ahhhhmazing.

barre3 classes
so i'm a yoga fanatic, and have practiced regularly for the past four  years or so. i'm going to try my first barre class here in seattle in a few days, and i'd love to hear if anyone is a big fan and has advice for first-timers? excited for a new work-out, but i fear i'll fall in love with it and my checking account will not be thrilled.

hair chop
oh sweet baby jesus, i am counting the minutes til monday at 1pm when i get my haircut. it is a total disaster. here's what i'm showing the stylist as inspiration. stay tuned to see just how close we can get in reality...

this weekend, we're attending a family reunion for blake's dad's side of the family. about 50 people are coming to seattle, and there are all kinds of events starting tonight and going through sunday morning. i'm sure a lot of great stories will emerge, and i can already tell i'll need a vacation to recover! stand by for a full report in a few days...

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  1. The striped flowers are so cute, I haven't seen those in a long time :) It's exciting that you're getting a haircut, I like the styles you picked out. I hope it turns out awesome!