Thursday, July 3, 2014

thoughts for thursday: 'merica, cars, and pups

happy almost-weekend! today i'm linking up with nat and annie for the first time with some thoughts for thursday.

Thoughts for Thursday

how heartbreaking was the us game on tuesday? we were glued to the tv - i can't believe how close they were! tim howard is a total rockstar. i even wore my most patriotic outfit, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. luckily, this outfit now doubles for the france game AND the holiday tomorrow! what a fashion-forward thinker i am.

which brings me to my next thought... i am so nervous for that game! i've been a huge germany fan since growing up there, but how cool would it be if france went all the way while we're here this summer? so excited to go watch it down at the local brasserie, though it feels slightly wrong to be cheering for both of those countries on the 4th of july... i think i'll get over it. this seems to be a realistic rendering of about how the game will go.

ok, i know my goal for this month is to be more present and not worry about things in the future BUT holy crap, we realized we're buying a car THIS MONTH and it's the first time in my LIFE i've ever owned a car and WHERE DO YOU START? of course as soon as i start browsing, Facebook is all up in my biz and now won't leave me alone about ford escapes. i swear i was just looking!

so here's something i am dreading about time here going to fast, and that's the thought of leaving our sweet pup that we're watching! we have become the best of friends, and we're trying to figure out how to smuggle her home. pretty sure we can just sneak a 100lb great dane on a trans-atlantic flight, no worries at all. right? also, she is totally living the dream here. she's the best.

and finally, three cheers for a long weekend! the weather is supposed to be hit or miss here, but we're taking a day trip to dijon which is about an hour away and yes, they make all of the mustard there. might need to alternate wine tastings and mustard tastings along the way. other than that, i expect to do a whole lot of sitting on the patio and enjoying incredible sunsets like this one. here's to a lovely three days off! happy birthday 'merica!


  1. Doesn't it kill you how the internet knows your every move and once you start searching for one thing, it all the sudden starts appearing on every page you go to!!!! Good luck on the car hunt. Cheers to a 3 day weekend and Happy 4th! Thanks for linking up!

    1. it's so nuts!! they're always watching :) enjoy the weekend, love the link-up idea!

  2. We just bought our first car last year. It was such a loooong process! Goodluck!! And love you double duty outfit! Maybe you could dress the dog up as a person - I could totally see tht working ;)

    1. oooooh smart!!! i'm picturing one of those masks with glasses and a fake mustache :) love it! enjoy the long weekend!