Tuesday, July 22, 2014

summer in seattle part i

26 hours of travel, four large lauderee macarons, three movies, two flights, and one $15 glass of wine in the montreal airport later, we made it. not quite "home"... actually, i'm not really sure where "home" would be right now... but we're back in the us of a. woohoo 'merica!

our "home" for the next three weeks is with blake's parents in seattle, and i am already loving our rhythm here (apart from it being impossible to keep my eyes open after 8pm and waking up at 4am). it's such a relief to be working normal hours and being done at 5pm to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening. i foresee lots of bbqs, morning runs by the water, boat rides, and dinners watching the sunset on the deck in our future. luckily, la is a powerful lure, otherwise we might get too comfy in this routine and never leave.

just snapped a few pics of our first sunrise and sunset over lake washington. it's so breathtakingly beautiful here! anyone have seattle must-dos or must-eats while we're in town?

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