Thursday, July 17, 2014

thoughts for thursday: beachy waves, groceries, and sneakers

happy thursday! it's our last day here in semur alone, as dylan's "real" father comes home tomorrow, and then we take the train into paris on saturday afternoon! hello wine, macarons, and steak frites. yes please. here's what's on my mind this week.

drunk history

um, what? have you watched this? i am obsessed. i heard the concept a few months ago and completely dismissed it, thinking it sounded like the dumbest show ever. but we've stayed up late the last few nights watching episodes on amazon prime (thank you amazon prime!), and i cannot get enough. i mean, not only is it educational, or something, it's hysterical. take 5 minutes of your day and watch this clip and i dare you to not want to watch more.

this is a sea salt spray

i love davines hair products, and i just ordered some of my favorite shampoo and conditioner to be delivered to seattle and await my arrival. i was looking for some styling products too, as i'm constantly in search of a potion for the perfect beachy waves, and came across this spray. i haven't used it yet, but i just wanted to give them a standing ovation for the name. there's a whole line of "this is a" products. i love a company with a sense of humor.


speaking of ordering things online and having them delivered to seattle, i snagged these sweet sneakers for $35 from j.crew the other day. did you catch their 50% off the final sale code? i know, i know, this month's goal is to save, but what i neglected to mention is that another goal is to have really cool shoes and to take advantage of great sales. so it all evens out.

whole foods

true story: grocery shopping is probably my favorite hobby. and whole foods is my happy place. sorry i'm not sorry. there was a new one opening literally a block from our apartment in nyc, and if it had opened while we lived there, i honestly don't think we would have ever moved. anyways. it's been almost two months since i've been able to stock up on kale and coconut water (cry me a river, i know), and with a trip looming early next week, my dream two nights ago was literally just me grocery shopping. walking up and down the aisles. putting things in the cart. that was it. no other action, just me grocery shopping. yeah, it's a little sad, but what can i say?

blake + dylan
i'm not quite sure how to tell these two that we're leaving in two days...

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  1. I love grocery shopping too!!!! Whole Foods is a magical place.

    I hope you review that sea salt spray once you try it out! I've been looking for a good one!

    1. i am SO happy i'm not the only one :) i'll definitely post about the spray for sure! they can be so hit or miss, hope this one's a hit.

  2. Popping over from the link-up. We enjoy Drunk History too- sooo funny! I'm another who enjoys grocery shopping, especially in a place like Whole Foods. We're moving to CO in a couple of months and as of now our town doesn't have one, but the rumor is one will be coming within the next few years (fingers and toes crossed).

    1. oh man, it would be so sad to move somewhere without whole foods! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you too :)

  3. Stopping by from the link-up. I love Whole Foods as well but the nearest one is about 40 mins away. At least my regular grocery has healthy stuff.

    XO Sarita
    Come by and say hi

  4. Stopping by from the link-up! I love Whole Foods way too much (especially for my husband!) I got those sneakers in a different color combo and they are super comfy! Great choice!!

    1. oh yay! so glad to hear that. can't wait to try them on!