Monday, July 7, 2014

just a little weekend drive

i never really understood what it meant to "go to the city" for a day trip when you live out in the middle of nowhere/a historic but tiny village in burgundy... until this weekend, when we ventured into dijon and were immediately overwhelmed by traffic, stores, restaurants, and other humans. so many of them! it felt like we were crawling out of a cave into the daylight. yes, that's right, two former new yorkers were overwhelmed by a city of like 150,000.

so overwhelmed in fact, that as we wandered around the main street, browsed in shops, and treated ourselves to sandwiches and macarons (hey, it was like a vacation!), that i didn't take any pictures. i was too excited and distracted by the fact that i found unsweetened almond milk at a grocery store, and proceeded to buy up their entire stock. woooo!!!

anyways, we took the long way home through the incredibly beautiful vineyards of burgundy. there's a road called the 'route des grands crus", which basically translates into the road of the great wines. it's dotted with villages and vineyards and is basically stunningly gorgeous. sadly, we didn't really have much time to stop and taste any wines, but don't feel too bad for us, as we're well stocked with local bottles at home. it was threatening to storm all day, but the rain held off long enough for a few pics along the way.

vanna whiting the grapevines.
i can't take him anywhere.

grapevine selfie!

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